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ONEiO is a cloud-native integration service provider connecting people, processes, and tools – enabling seamless collaboration without traditional integration hassle. Provided as a turn-key solution, as self-service, or something in between. You choose.


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We help you overcome

Manual work

Spending time moving tickets and copying information between different tools makes the use of our resources inefficient.

automation demand

Too many high value integration, automation initiatives and maintenance of existing integrations lead to your needs not being understood nor prioritized.

the limitless options

Dozens of ways to reach your desired outcomes, but there’s no one to guide you through them.

Avoid jumping between tools by automating information flows

  • The right information

    With rules you define what information is transferred between systems so that you only get the information you need. Built automatically for you by our rule robot to specifically match your use case.

  • In the right place

    A wide variety of endpoint types take care of communicating with common ITSM tools’ APIs to retrieve and update information. Our vendor marketplace makes sure that you do not have to worry about how your specific vendors work or how their tools are configured.

  • At the right time

    Whenever information changes, ONEiO reacts. The information is either fetched for you by polling or we respond to events to ensure you are always up to date in every tool.

Leave the development to ONEiO

  • Shorter time to value

    Our Integration Automation Platform is built with speed in mind. Endpoint types make sure once a tool is integrated once, any new integrations take less than two weeks to set up.

  • Cost savings through scale

    By leveraging common components shared on our platform we are able to bring cost savings at scale. Instead of paying for one-off integration projects, you can consume integrations exactly according to your needed capacity.

  • Stay in control

    Integrations are easy to keep up to date. You will have the power to adjust your integrations yourself or work with us to adjust them as your needs change. You don’t have to worry about infrastructure and keeping the lights on.

Understand your integration needs and opportunities

  • 15-minute assessment call

    Let’s get you started with best practices shared by our integration experts.

  • Your integration roadmap

    We help to build your own roadmap for integration, helping you through your journey with your existing technologies, processes, and people in mind.

  • Choose your way

    Based on your particular integration needs, we will help you create and execute the integration plan utilizing the ONEiO Integration Automation Platform.

Exceptional Results with ONEiO

Multi-Vendor Management

Bayer reduced the time it takes to onboard new vendors over 500% by integrating with ONEiO

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Customer Integrations

AHEAD saves 100+ hours / month by automating customer ticket handling

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From integration to collaboration

  • ONEiO is empowering the business collaboration of tomorrow. Our Integration Automation Platform is disrupting the B2B integration space through cloud-based sophisticated automation, AI and software robotics.


    Our mission is to unleash organizations, teams and people from technological restrictions empowering them to collaborate the way they want, using the tools they want.



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