Service Provider For Your Integrations

ONEiO is a cloud-native integration service provider connecting people, processes, and tools – enabling seamless collaboration without traditional integration hassle. Provided as a turn-key solution, as self-service, or something in between. You choose.


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Don’t let adapters and connectors limit your operations
  • Utilize the full potential of your chosen tools and platforms
  • Just one connection – without compromises

Get rid of the integration spaghetti
  • Orchestrate the most complex multi-point service management processes
  • Manage and connect all with one subscription

No more integration problems
  • Zero-touch, all-inclusive cloud-native integration automation platform
  • Runs 24/7
  • Fully managed service (SaaS)

“Workflow automation platforms are creating islands and limiting collaboration between teams and businesses. ONEiO builds robust bridges between those islands.”

Juha, CEO, ONEiO
The missing link between people, processes and tools
Use any tool with any process without limitations

Remove the frustration of using multiple tools. Every team should be free to use the tools and platforms they want, the way they want.

ONEiO is a vendor, technology agnostic and is compatible with all ITSM tools, related applications and processes out-of-the-box.

Automation saves time & money

Liberate your integration delivery teams from the traditional integration hassle by utilizing ONEiO robots to automate the building of your integrations.

Enterprise-grade integration production is always included into the ONEiO subscription, liberating your budget for something more valuable.

Deep integration makes your ITSM tool better

20+ years of combined experience in ITSM integration consolidated into robust integration automation platform. ONEiO ensures you can always utilize the full potential of your chosen ITSM or other workflow platform.

ONEiO liberates organizations, teams and people from technological restrictions.

From integration to collaboration
Subscription-based and code-free integrations

Unlike other solutions, ONEiO is code-free, subscription-based and all-inclusive Integration Automation Platform designed for IT services.

100% cloud-native SaaS.

Easy, enterprise-grade and GDPR compliant integrations

ONEiOs software robots will build the integrations for you effortlessly. As a result you get secure and reliable, worry-free integrations with an affordable price-tag. ONEiO runs and monitors everything 24/7.

Continuous delivery. Zero maintenance breaks.


“Collaboration between different organizations, teams and people is crucial in a modern service management – no matter what ITSM platforms teams are using”

Rick, Head of ITSM tooling and processes