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ONEiO – The next generation iPaaS for service integrations

Service-Flow is now ONEiO Cloud!

Integrations Reimagined. No features, it just works.

Born in cloud, delivered as a service. ONEiO is the next generation of  iPaaS. The world’s first subscription-based integration hub for buyers, providers of IT and other business services.

ONEiO enables ecosystems of people, applications, processes and suppliers. Closing the gap between your customers, internal teams and external service providers.

Enabling integration at the speed of business.

ONEiO integration hub - powering your connected services

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Sometimes you need to see before you believe.

So, what brings you here today?


“I have outsourced my business services and want to have better transparency and control over them”

Take a control…


“I am provider of managed services and my customer wants me to integrate to their tools and services”

Integrate to your customers’ tools…


“I am a business integrator and trying to find a cloud solution that is designed for integrating business services”

Look no further…


“I am selling  software but integrations are the bottleneck to my customer implementations”

Remove the bottleneck…


“I want to work with the coolest cloud service company on earth”

Join us…


“I am looking for an integration platform to develop integrations from the scratch”

Keep searching…

"From a speed point of view, this is the highest performing integration solution I have ever used." Roope Kaukinen, Tieto

Applications connected to ONEiO

Subscribe to ONEiO and get access to out-of-the-box integrations!

Don't see your application on a list? No worries we'll build it for you in just few hours. Just let us know what application you are integrating.
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Service providers connected to ONEiO

Your ONEiO subscription also gives you the access to service providers that are already connected to ONEiO.

Your service provider is not on the list? No worries, we are continuously adding new vendors to ONEiO.
ONEiO service providers connected

Integrations will never be the same.

What?!? Yet another integration platform?

They say hub-and-spoke doesn’t work since hubs introduce complication because they add another place where development must take place and another runtime component. That’s the way it used to be, but once in a while the evolution takes a leap.

ONEiO is the next generation integration platform removing all traditional integration bottlenecks and disrupting the whole integration landscape. It's like a plasma ball connecting teslas together through the hub. It is an integration hub for progressive businesses!

"ONEiO has been a key component in our offering in ServiceNow cases. We have been able to offer our customers flexible integration solutions and broaden our relationships with a new offering. We also see this solution as a key component in achieving the first steps towards a SIAM model together with our Customers."
Hannes Hirvikallio, Sales Director EMEA, Fujitsu
“Trying to run complex multi-vendor service supply chain operation without hassle-free integrations is like playing football in the dark. At best, only the guy holding the ball knows what’s really happening. I'm pretty convinced that the real-time process transparency in service delivery is just as important as knowing the football’s location on the field. The blind team will never win, and no one will buy tickets to the game.”
Hannu Mikkola, CEO, Verco
"We see ONEiO as the new kid on the block, disrupting old fashioned technical integration consultancy with a fast, secure and transparent integration solution."
Finn Nøhr, CEO, VisionWillow


In today’s digital world, everything is connected. Creating and managing integrations is now everyone’s job.

No matter your role, ONEiO can help you leverage your data to create value. We are continually adding new integration adaptors to our ONEiO ecosystem to meet a wide variety of needs. Don’t see what you need? Just let us know and we’ll get it done!

You're only as strong as your weakest link.

ONEiO is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your data, processes, and partners.

Don’t develop. Just subscribe.