ONEiO for Service Providers
Move away from old-school, one-off, point-to-point service desk integrations! Automate your service processes and standardize the way you integrate your customer’s, partner’s and subcontractor’s tools and processes.

ONEiO is designed to be compliant with different systems and industry standards, eliminating time-consuming and expensive integration development projects.


ONEiO is faster and easier to set up than any current solution on the market. ONEiO provides subscription-based integrations through the SaaS integration hub without any changes or development in your integration architecture or tooling. Only ONE integration is needed, no more point-to-point.


ONEiO enables you to use your own tools and automate ticketing processes without losing control or need to use multiple tools. Gain huge cost savings by enabling real-time end-to-end information at your service desks and full control when moving tickets between functions or external parties. All this through ONE integration to ONEiO Global integration hub.

ONEiO enables better business. It’s a fast-to-deploy SaaS solution and global integration hub, which brings processes and platforms together into one transparent, seamless solution. ONEIO enables a better service for the end customer, while ensuring a reliable and cost-effective outcome for the business. Contact in case you would like to utilize ONEiO as part of service offering.
As a technology agnostic cloud-based service, ONEiO works and communicates with all essential systems and industry standards our customers use-out-of-the-box, without any customization or development. As a trusted SaaS, proven by our references, ONEIO is an essential component in our customers’ service offering, enabling them to build and automate complex service networks and ecosystems.
1. ONEiO is easy and fast to deploy. 2. ONEiO is delivered as secure, reliable and automatically scaling Software-as-a-Service. 3. ONEIO is providing new operational efficiencies and reduced service delivery costs.
ONEiO is fast and easy to set up and simple and easy to use. ONEiO is designed from the ground up to be compliant with different systems and industry standards, eliminating time- consuming and expensive customizations and need for integration technology and platform expertise. Flexibility is built into the heart of the service that scales automatically to even the most demanding integration scenarios. ONEiO turns complexity into simplicity.
ONEiO is devoted to delivering 100% customer satisfaction with everything we do. It is an honor and privilege to serve our customers consistently in every situation. Customers’ trust in ONEiO is our greatest currency. We keep promises and commit to making a positive contribution to customers’ business. Alongside this commitment and trust, we continuously work to reduce risks and improve operational efficiency. By using ONEiO, the customer has one thing less to worry about.
Collaborating with ONEiO is easy, fast, and consistent. Implementation is simple and easy, and we are committed to speaking the same language as our customers, with no industry jargon. Our goal is to turn complexity into simplicity, in a way that makes our users’ day-to-day work easier to enable them to provide an increasingly better experience to their customers.
Everything we do, we do with 100% transparency. Whether service deployment, operations, pricing or invoicing. We do this to ensure the customer has full control and visibility into the issues that are essentially their own responsibilities. We are committed to providing this insight and visibility in real time, across the entire service.
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