ServiceNow Integration

Integrate ServiceNow to the most popular ITSM tools with pre-built endpoints:












“I saved my money, time and nerves when using ONEiO”
You after realizing these 3 things:

You name it, we have it: all endpoints for the most popular ITSM tools, applications and vendors.

No coding

It’s like buying orange juice instead of oranges – or milk instead of a cow. Plain simple and easy.

Free support

In case of problems, you don’t need to pay for developers or consultants. Just ask us where to click next.

  • Step 2
    Click the confirmation link in the email we sent you
  • Step 3
    Login to ONEiO and choose ServiceNow integration
  • Step 4
    Choose endpoints of the tools you want to integrate ServiceNow with
  • Step 5
    Create other integrations you might need
    (free for the first 14 days)