ONEiO for HR

Integrate your employee experience

In terms of the business, employee experience is the result that the working environment, internal services and culture has on the productivity and profitability of the people. Good companies understand this is something that can make them competitive. But GREAT companies, know that every moving part of the business contributes to their level of success.

In many organisations employee experience is led by HR department. The following are the main HR processes:

- Human resource planning (Recruitment, Selecting, Hiring, On-boarding including (training, induction, orientation) Evaluation, Promotion and Layoff)
- Employee remuneration and Benefits Administration
- Performance Management.
- Employee Relations

For superior client experience, employee experience is a key. Employee experience has to be the starting point when designing and developing HR processes and tools. Without integrations between your own systems and other vendors you will most likely fail.

One of the most critical HR processes impacting employee experience is the new employee on-boarding process. Employee data has to added to many systems and there are strict rules processing that data. Also you have to order laptop, mobile phone, mobile subscription, access to needed tools and software, organise a desk and other furniture etc.

Instead of waisting your time for phone calls and emails you could have an automated workflow and seamless integration to your tools and vendors to initiate processes just by one click. There are many more critical processes in HR impacting your employee experience that you could enhance with integrations. Contact us to discuss and share your thoughts.
Better employee experience
No more time waisting e-mail bing-bong
Better employee performance and productivity
Engaged employees
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