ONEiO for customer relationship management

Integrate your client experience.

Integrating your CRM data to marketing data ensure efficiency and transparency to manage you whole pipeline from attention creation to deal closing and client experience management. What if you could also integrate your financial management software, customer service management system, invoicing system, ERP, event management, webinar and e-commerce platforms to enrich the data and pull that enriched error-free data back to your other systems, real time? Would that make it easier to manage and enhance your key business processes and ensure your growth and make accurate business forecasts and marketing investment budgets.

Would it be okay to automate the whole process seamlessly from brand awareness to invoicing and customer service, no matter which systems or tools you are using? Sleep better knowing that maintenance and changes of your integration is also taking care of and do not cost a fortune. And all that as a service. Cool, huh?

Turn your business insights into sales. Real-time.

With ONEiO, Sales & marketing tools can be seamlessly integrated to a full blown client experience environment. Define your process, decide which data creates value in other systems and integrate with ONEiO. You don’t have to worry about changes and updates in systems, ONEiO ensures your integrations will work.

No matter which CRM or marketing tool you are using, ONEiO will take care of your data flows. We support all the biggest sales and marketing tools vendors such as Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive etc.

Your tool is not on the list? No problem, let us know what you are integrating and we’ll create ready-made adapter to ONEiO integration hub for you. Free of charge, of course. Check ONEiO X and reveal your needs.
Smooth sales and marketing pipeline management
Accurate sales forecasts
Better marketing ROI
Exceptional client experience
Made for businesses, not for techies
400% faster integration implemantation