This is ONEiO


ONEiO is a cloud-based SaaS solution that connects different processes and platforms into one transparent and seamless entity, enabling digital transformation. The service is designed for businesses. Just sign-up and no technical integration skills are needed. ONEiO enables you, your current and coming services providers to keep their current tools and develop processes independently. ONEiO’s preconfigured adapters are built-in to connect with your systems easily using the native mechanism of the tool.

Save time and money
Save up to 6 months and 150k$ per integration. 400% faster integrations!
Always on
99,9% availability, 24/7 monitoring and error handling included. No updates and downtime needed. It's all in the cloud.
Save up to 100k$ in change management. Per integration!
No installations
It's a cloud service. Just subscribe and off you go.
No hidden costs
It's a SaaS. Monthly payments, no extra nor hidden costs.
Not a platform
It's a hub. It's a integration ecosystem. No coding required.

Build, drive or get from A to B?

ONEiO gets your data from A to B and beyond, as a service. You don't need to build your vehicle first to be able to reach your destination. You don't even need to maintain or repair your vehicle and actually you don't need to own one at all. We understand that there are lot of those who want's to get hands dirty. They are DIY people. If you are one of them, read no further. We are something else.

We are like a cab or limousine service. We get you everywhere and back, on demand, on-time and you pay as you go. No building, maintenance or repair. No extra cost for gas and oil. No worries about safety. Just sit back and relax. ONEiO SaaS gets you there. Fast and safe.
Build or travel

ONEiO - Cloud based software as a service.

ONEiO is a multi-tenant, cloud-based integration service. The service and all of its components and services are fully managed and controlled by Service-Flow Corp. and thus there's no need for end-users to set-up any technical management procedures. All you need is one input in and one input out. No limitations, integrate anything to anything.

ONEiO is made highly available and fault-tolerant by building the system as an asynchronous, staged event-driven architecture where components communicate by transmitting messages and responding to events. Communication is further enhanced by persistent queues, which makes the system fault-tolerant as the receiver doesn't even need to be running for the sender to send a message.

24/7 monitoring is used to detect problems as they occur and to alert the ONEiO Operations Team. ONEiO database runs in a replicated setting where a crash of a single DB server doesn't bring the whole system down. The replication is done between separate data centres.

ONEiO maintains the service in real-time, i.e. without any customer-visible down-time. ONEiO is a new standard for integrations.

Need more techie stuff? Check out wiki?

Top choice for integrators

"Companies can just subscribe to ONEiO and then they have an access to our ecosystem of suppliers so that they can freely choose the suppliers they want to work with and set up the integrations with them" Juha Berghäll, CEO Service-Flow corp.

"ONEiO is a synonym to what Steven Jobs said: It just works"
Marko, Finland
"Solves an important business problem for our clients"
Melhem, Germany
"Perfect hub when integrating with vendors who do not use the same ticket handling system"
Helen, Sweden

Example of traditional integrations - "the spaghetti"


ONEiO by Service-Flow way - "the new standard"



In today’s digital world, everything is connected. Creating and managing integrations is now everyone’s job.

No matter your role, ONEiO can help you leverage your data to create value. We are continually adding new integration adaptors to our ONEiO ecosystem to meet a wide variety of needs. Don’t see what you need? Just let us know and we’ll get it done!

Okay, what's next?

Subsribe to ONEiO SaaS
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Drag and drop.
Design you data flow and business logic. Zero coding required.
Enjoy seamless integration, use your applications and let the data create value.
Need a new integration? Connect a new tool or application to ONEiO.
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