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Integration Automation Platform designed for IT Service Providers. Amazing service experience with seamless ITSM processes between your teams, partners and customers.

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Automate your ITSM integrations

ONEiO Integration Automation Platform (SaaS) is a vendor and technology agnostic, designed for IT services and service management.

It is a bridge between the different tools and teams enabling users to focus on use-cases and process level collaboration without a need for building and maintaining individual integrations.

We provide
Increase work efficiency

Keep and develop your ITSM toolset and processes independently from customer’s toolset and processes.

  • vendor agnostic
  • technology agnostic
How it works
+20 years ITSM integrations

Standardize ITSM tool and process integrations with your customers, internal teams and partners.

  • amazing support
  • save time, money, resources, nerves
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Faster time to production

No need to develop or maintain integrations regardless of interfaces, applications, processes or use cases.

  • subscription based
  • robots integrate. humans collaborate
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Customer experience

Includes all service components needed to run enterprise-grade integrations, performance and availability.

  • all-inclusive SaaS
  • always on
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Your partner for better collaboration between teams, customers and partners
Internal integrations

ONEiO is not a traditional iPaaS platform where you need to know how to build integrations. ONEiO implementations are always use-case focused.

We even add needed applications to support your use-case for free.

  • No coding
  • Easy management
  • Robust enterprise-grade integrations
  • Affordable price tag
  • Cloud-native, as a Service
  • Reduce ITSM tool user accounts

Request a new end-point. We add it for free.

External integrations

Going outside your organisation makes things complicated.

You can’t control the other side and traditionally both parties need adapt already on API-level. With ONEiO you, your customers and partners can focus on collaboration and the use-cases, not on interfaces.

  • Fast and Easy
  • Reusable
  • Beautifully Standardized
  • No need to use your customer’s ITSM tool
  • Save on license fees
  • Predictable monthly SaaS fee. No hidden costs.

And one more thing, integrations work after go-live 24/7. That’s on us.


Success story – AHEAD

  Handle 10-20,000 tickets per month without issue

  Save up to 100+ hours a month by automating integrations

  Forecast integrations costs with simple pricing from ONEiO

For like an enterprise customer where we’re doing a full infrastructure stack, we would typically have in excess of 140 accounts that we would need with our integration methodology, that’s been reduced to less than 20. So we’re saving over 100 ITSM user accounts in that platform and that’s per customer,”
Senior Manager of Managed Services Engineering, Ben Weber – AHEAD
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