Integration Automation Platform for Service Providers

Remove technological barriers from internal and external collaboration.

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Stop using your customers’ ITSM tool

ONEiO integration automation platform includes pre-integrated market leading ITSM tool endpoints that your customers use.

Subscribe, automate integration and start collaborating with your customers.


Case: TietoEvry
Automation Robot

Standardize your service delivery model

Fast and smooth customer onboarding and standarized way of collaborating with your teams, partners and customers. Let your customers enjoy the fastest time-to-value experience.

ONEiO liberates your delivery teams from the traditional integration hassle and automates integrations with integration robots


Case: CGI

Bring your teams together

Give your teams freedom to choose the tools and apps they want. ONEiO automates your integrations between your back-end systems, ITSM and collaboration tools into a seamless process entity.

Transparent processes in ONEiO and real-time information remove employee frustrations – happy employees makes happy customers.


Case: CDW
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ONEiO – your marketplace to new business

ONEiO is not only an integration automation platform. It is also a marketplace bringing providers and buyers of IT support service together.

Release your end-point and bring your services available in ONEiO marketplace.


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ONEiO allows CDW to maintain agile approach. It will provide that seamless, one pane view for the customer to have the data they need in the system of their choice, no matter what services they take from us.

Dan Peacock, Managed Services Project Lead, CDW


Humans collaborate. Robots integrate.

With 20+ year of experience of service integrations we designed SaaS solution for Service Providers who are experiencing growing pains and sticking points. ONEiO – The integration automation platform.

We know that the old way of doing things is slow, painful and unsustainable. But to move towards new ways of working, you need to break through the barriers of traditional integration. 

We bring tools, people and processes together in new and innovative ways, which enable you to thrive as an MSP. 


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"We needed a product to help us integrate our clients' CRM systems' into ours. ONEiO has helped us to bring in new enterprise clients, since they can use their own CRM system for ticket entry."

– Jennifer, 10th Magnitude

Your journey to MSP success

  • Streamline the way your people and teams work together.

  • Streamline the way you your teams and customers work together

  • Leverage the latest automation to run your integrations like clockwork.

  • Make your services available to the world at the click of a button.


Free and no-obligation 30-minute assessment

Our experts will walk through your existing way of working and assess where you are in regards to industry best practices.

  • A one-page snapshot of integration architecture
  • An actionable roadmap to moving forward 
  • A benchmark assessment of your market maturity.


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