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Blogs/ 18.11.2015

5 ways to simplify your approach to CSI

Toby Moore is a young and vibrant ITSM professional with a surprisingly wide range of experiences. Toby is now the newly appointed Community Manager for AXELOS, running and developing all the community initiatives for ITIL, PPM and RESILA professionals around…

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Blogs/ 13.10.2015

Focus on what matters

In his blog post about customer centricity Ivor Macfarlane attempts to pinpoint the common problems why service integrations fail. The problem is, as with any business transaction – how do we give customers the solution that they need?

The solution…

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Blogs/ 05.10.2015

SIAM networking event and London office launch

Last Thursday October 1st we had an excellent SIAM networking event and the office opening at the Heron Tower in London.  Thank you to our guest speaker James Finister and all our guests for spending a wonderful night with us!

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Blogs/ 28.09.2015

The customer centric conundrum

In 23 years working for the UK government, Ivor Macfarlane moved from forestry to ITSM via prisons, warehousing and training. In 1999 he became an ITSM consultant and trainer. He was an author for ITIL (versions 1, 2 & 3),…

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Blogs/ 14.09.2015

Agile Service Integrations – For Real?

Let’s face it, getting everything right the first time is not easy, especially when dealing with complex settings like multi-vendor SIAM rollouts.

Who hasn’t been there – the production rollout deadline is closing in and the amount of known issues…

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Blogs/ 05.09.2015

How hard can IT be?

IT Service business, and specially IT outsourcing business is in a turning point. Traditional outsourcing and managed services business is facing new challenges because of cloud services and consumerization. Service vendors are more or less in an “red ocean” suffering…

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