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Add value for your customers by adding next generation iPaaS to your service offering. Provide ONEiO subscriptions as add-ons to your services and gain a competitive advantage.

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“We see ONEiO as the new kid on the block, disrupting old fashioned technical integration consultancy with a fast, secure and transparent iPaaS solution.”

– Finn Nøhr, CEO, VisionWillow


6 reasons our resellers chose ONEiO to their offering

  • Add value for your current customers.

  • Integrations are everywhere. Add a new spearhead to your offering.

  • Continuous revenue-flow.

  • Scales-up fast, 24/7 availability.

  • Scale-up without increasing headcount.

  • Happy employees create happy customers.


”Clients demand faster and easier deployment of new solutions as well as flexibility. We use ONEiO in our ServiceNow practice to remove bottlenecks efficiently from integration projects. This is why the partnership with ONEiO is an important mainstay for us”

Jukka Hämäläinen, Sales Director – Fujitsu

Join the ecosystem of digitalization forerunners. Remove all the integration bottlenecks for better business performance.

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