Passion led us here!

Experience meets passion

We’ve been working on integration projects for a long time. After 20 years in IT, we had enough of technology heavy, low-value, complex and slow integration projects. To solve these challenges we developed ONEiO – Global Integration Hub. It is a first of a kind, all-inclusive integration solution for businesses, solving the universal problem of adaptation and process inter-operability in a non-standard world of service and process integrations.

ONEiO by Service-Flow is not only a cool product but also super cool place to work! We are a great bunch of people with different backgrounds, roots and experiences. What really makes us a team is our passion and “punk” attitude towards status quo. We are disruptors. We enable the impossible!

"I had been working here for two weeks, when I made a mistake. I told my co-workers and employers about it, and they came to me, putting a big red button on the table and telling me to push it. I pushed the button with shaking hands, but nothing happened. “Yes, nothing happened”, they confirmed, encouraging me to continue working. That’s the working culture of our company"
Sanna, Director - Partners and Alliances

Cooperation is at the heart of Service-Flow's working culture

When Service-Flow’s workers gather together, new ideas are discussed and problems solved. Great team spirit and humour create an inviting working
culture, in which everyone can learn from each other. Communication between the employers and employees is very smooth as well.

"The old saying: People are your organisations most valuable asset, goes never out of style." -Juha, CEO, Service-Flow

Inacio, Senior Software Developer

“Sometimes I even forget that they’re my bosses, because it really feels like they’re my co-workers”

Boris, Senior Software Developer

“Everything from the working atmosphere to the development processes has been good, and I can discuss all kinds of topics with my co-workers. This is like a family”

Ilkka, Growth Marketing Director

“Employee experience is the key for superior client experience”

We are looking for passionate people to join our team! What is your next career move?

Interested in joining us? drop me a note or call.

Tiina Eronen

People operations

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