ONEiO for software providers

Integrations? None of my business.

Customers want more complete solutions and processes, not just a piece of software. From you they expect seamless customer experience. You need to deliver.

No software is an island

As a software company, you want to focus on developing, delivering and selling your software. But, you need to integrate with other softwares and/or datasources in order to deliver complete solution to your customer. Your software most probably comes with an API that you maintain and support. But form the API onwards you step on “no man’s land”.

You can’t control the other, the API of the other software product. You can’t control who it behaves or how customer has decided to implement the software from process and datamodel point of view.

On top of that you struggle to find integration resources and at the end-of-the day, integrations outside your software are not your core business.

Powered by ONEiO

ONEiO provides integrations as a service for your or for your customer taking care of the grey area adapting automatically to different interfaces, softwares, processes and related anomalies. ONEiO frees you from all external integration development, maintenance, support and delivery problems so that you can focus on your core business and your software.

You can keep your software API as is and if you wish to update it, ONEiO adapts to the changes and your customers are not affected at all.
Only one connection, unlimited end-points
Faster implementation projects
Faster cash-flow

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