Perfect for service providers

Faster customer onboarding

Your customers expect seamless and real-time service experience and fast onboarding from their outsourced business service partners.

You have to adapt and integrate to your customers' processes and tools and add value for their customer success.
Faster and standardised integration projects
enable successful service transition
Real-time and reliable ticket information
in everyone’s own ITSM tool enhances employee and customer experience
“Keep your own tools”
approach enhances service efficiency
Standardized service processes and reliable ticket exchange
enable on-time service delivery and avoidance of SLA violations enhancing margins
Flexible pricing model and SaaS
scales with business. All OPEX, no CAPEX
Simpler integration management and control
enable enhanced resource usage

Better customer experience

There aren't standard processes and tools in IT service management. APIs are not integrations, just sockets.

Integrating customer’s tools and processes is always complex which requires a lot of adaptation from both sides. For the service providers adaptation means custom made integration for each customer and huge maintenance and support overhead.

In addition, traditional point-to-point approach doesn’t support modern multi-sourcing models like SIAM.

Case Tieto: Service Integrations in a Complex Service Provider Environment

“ONEiO doesn’t just fit with the methodologies, it enables them. Agile and DevOps are about fast implementation and continual improvement.”

Standardize the non-standard

ONEiO helps service providers to standardize and automate the way they integrate their service management tools and processes with their customers.

With ONEiO standardization is not limited to technical interface. With ONEiO, service providers can always keep their own tools, processes and interfaces “as is” and integrate their customers and subcontractors no matter what tools customer are using.

"ONEiO is a unique and world-class solution for service integrations": Kim Casén, CGI

"CGI assists companies to utilize digitization. We provide consulting and outsourcing services to our clients to cope with all the changes to people, tools and processes caused and enabled by digital services." Says Kim Casén, Consulting Service Director at CGI Finland.

"ONEiO is integrated to our service management technologies enabling us to provide a modern and full-blown service management offering to our clients and help them to digitize their businesses and customer experiences." Casén continues.

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