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Keep your own tools

You can't outsource responsibility of your success. And you cannot be responsible of the things you do not have full visibility.

Transparency provides visibility and control over outsourced business services.

To gain transparency you need to keep your own tools and processes and integrate your suppliers to adapt your mode of operation.

You are in charge of your own success.
Resource friendly.
No need for integration platform or technology knowledge.
Full control
and management over integrations as self-service.
and full control on outsourced business services through real-time tool, process and data integration with suppliers and vendors.
Multi-sourcing support
SIAM and all ITIL processes comes out-of-box.
Full ITSM tool support
Access to pre-integrated supplier ecosystem.
Full SIAM support
Access to pre-integrated supplier ecosystem.

Integrate your teams and service providers

Integrating different teams or external providers is complex and expensive due to lack of service process standards.

In addition, parties can’t control the “other side” forcing them to adapt to different integration interfaces and uniquely defined and implemented tools.

ONEiO transfers non-standard service processes into a seamless entity and enables parties to keep using their own applications.

Case OP Bank: From ground to cloud.

First in the World – the Finnish financial giant OP Financial Group executed a unique IT service integration

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

ONEiO provides access to pre-integrated supplier, vendor and application ecosystem.

It adds the missing link between different internal and external teams using different tools and processes without any integration development. All parties can keep their current tools as is and focus on process touch points.

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