Designed for citizen Integrators

Automation creates new roles

As you already know, non-standard business service integrations are rather complex to create but also very difficult and costly to manage and maintain. But it doesn't have to be that way. Automation and robotics disrupts the traditional roles and the way we work with integrations. For good.

That's why we have created ONEiO, the next generation of iPaaS. It is designed for business process and application owners who will become citizen integrators, thanks to the world's most advanced integration tool.
Utilize off-the-shelf integrations through simple subscription.
Focus on more business critical integrations.
Deliver more and faster
Decrease integration maintenance and support overhead.
Provide full-stack integration services with SLA, not just one-off integration projects.
Enhance process efficiency by providing possibility to integrate tools and processes without need to change or adapt.

Automating non-standard service integrations

When integrating non-standard processes and tools, like ITSM or customer service, the challenge is to find a common ground for adaptation.

This is relatively tricky when you have to deal with the external parties, but as well as internal teams in the siloed organisation and integrate processes that are passing through multiple different tools.

In such scenario no one can’t control the other side of the integration and it is typically already defined.
IPaaS vs next generation iPaaS
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Free yourself. Hire a robot!

With ONEiO, citizen integrators and integration architects can provide common ground with full control over the integration logic and management of the integrations without need to acquire, develop, maintain or support additional APIs, integration platforms or integration infrastructure.

Just subscribe to ONEiO iPaaS, add your end-points and start integrating your applications and service providers.
All inclusive monthly fee. No hidden costs.

The next generation of iPaaS

ONEiO provides all needed technology, application adapters, support, maintenance, monitoring, error handling etc. as SaaS in continuous delivery model with end-to-end SLA and zero downtime.

You have full control to integration and to all connected endpoints. Management of integrations is centralized into ONEiO providing end-to-end visibility to your integrations. Free yourself, hire a robot!