SIAM match between Service Providers and their clients

Keep your own tools, let your clients keep theirs, and automate all integrations between them.

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Integration Automation Platform that bridges all the tools included in ITSM and SIAM use cases like:

Incident management

Know immediately, fix immediately, keep delivering 24/7.

Service requests

No lost tickets, faster response times, no missed deadlines.

CMDB 2.0

Every tool and every integration, one platform to track them all.

ITSM integrations automated

Integrate your applications and service providers to any API-enabled application. Here are the most popular integrations of service providers at the moment:

   It takes minutes instead of months

   Hire robots instead of consultants

   From 99€/month instead of 200€/hour


Three steps to validate ONEiO

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Connect your ITSM tools and configure your ITSM process in ONEiO (cancel anytime you want)

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