Got an ITSM integration project? Again?

We feel your pain and have a cure for it.  Automate your integrations with ONEiO and become a hero your team deserves.

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After witnessing painful ITSM integration projects for over 20 years, we created a software to automate the most common use cases:

Incident management

Fast responses and transparency to incident process regardless of tools, teams and organizations involved.

Change management

Standardized end-to-end operational model between your tools, teams, customers and partners.

Request fulfilment

Seamless, multi-point service request process and lifecycle model to hit your SLA targets.

Problem management

No more lost tickets nor manual task assignments. Focus on problem solving and end-user service.


Real-time and accurate process to manage your IT assets. No more lost assets and unnecessary cost items.

You name it

Whatever your ITSM use case is, ONEiO enables you to keep your own tools and focus on collaboration.

ITSM integrations automated

Integrate your ITSM tools to any API-enabled application. Here are the most popular integrations of ONEiO users at the moment:

   It takes minutes instead of months

   Hire robots instead of consultants

   From 99€/month instead of 200€/hour


Setup your first integration in 60 minutes:

Subscribe to ONEiO, create a free account, use 14 days for free.

Connect your ITSM tools to ONEiO by choosing end-points.

Configure your workflow by mapping fields and integration rules.

Sit back and relax while our integration robots do your job – 24/7.


Connect all your ITSM tools with ONEiO.

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