Integration jobs automated

ONEiO automates your service integration delivery and management jobs. The all-inclusive iPaaS is designed for Enterprise Service Management Professionals. Focus on your core business – not on integrations.

The new standard for modern service integrations consists of three layers.

No more, no less.

Service layer
Delivery model designed to meet the domain requirements
  • Pricing model designed for service business
  • Support model designed for service business
  • Compatible for all service business applications
  • Service providers and suppliers pre-integrated
User layer
Self-service UI designed for service platform owners, not for integration specialists
  • Integration robots automating integration set-up and deployment
  • Configurable, zero-code logic engine for non-standard process and multipoint integrations and use cases
  • Centralized, global, and reusable integration logic. Compatible with all business service applications
  • Centralized integration management and control
iPaaS layer
Operations for platform and integration
  • Zero downtime
  • Real-time message brokering
  • E2E monitoring, including integrations
  • Automated error handling and queueing
Lifecycle management for platform and integrations
  • Automated interface and API adaptation
  • True-cloud microservices architecture
  • Continuous delivery
  • E2E high-availability

The ONEiO team is comprised of 1000+ years of business services, integration development, maintenance, and management expertise.

From service business professionals, for service business professionals

We have put our domain knowledge into ONEiO, an all-inclusive iPaaS designed for service business. Our team trains integration robots to automate tasks that once were manual, dull and unproductive. The next generation iPaaS automates integrations and replaces the traditional way of developing and managing integrations.

– Juha Berghäll, ONEiO Cloud CEO & Co-founder

Our mission

ONEiO automates integration delivery and management jobs. Our objective is to enable business application owners to set-up and manage even the most complex process integrations independently and run them effortlessly.

Our vision

ONEiO is the de-facto Integration Platform and Marketplace for digital Business Services.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of EU