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“We’re using ONEiO to integrate both in and out of our organization. It’s been amazing not having to worry about the API’s.”

Mathias, IT Administrator

4 reasons why enterprise central ITs select ONEiO for their ITSM integrations

  • Keep and develop ITSM toolset and processes independently from your outsourcing partners’ processes.

  • +20 years combined ITSM integration experience included to SaaS fee.

  • Subscription based Integration Automation SaaS removes the need to develop and maintain integrations

  • Includes all service components for enterprise-grade deep integrations.

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Success story – Bayer

  An ecosystem connection of five different outsourcing providers while maintaining the ability to work within their own processes, toolsets and system environments.

  Predefined adaptors allowed for flexibility to quickly connect ServiceNow environment with partners regardless of which system used.

  Successful connection of seven different Service Management systems within a 6-month timeline.

“Being able to integrate two ServiceNow instances within two weeks is quite remarkable. We also get the support along with it whenever we need it. That wasn’t just an empty promise, we actually got all the support that we needed and when we needed it.”
Solution Architect ITSM, Tobias Lemburg – Bayer
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ONEiO’s off-the-shelf ITSM integrations are designed for complex multipoint service and vendor integrations.

Keep your services like Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, Snap Logic, and Jitterbit where they add value and let us handle the most complex service integrations (change management, incident, request fulfilment, problem, cmdb and many more) for you. 

Off-the-shelf Vendor integrations

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