How hard can it be?

The ONEiO story

Every saga has a beginning. Our saga started in 2011 when we had enough. We had enough how much waste we created and money we spent for point-to-point integrations. Integrations were done without an idea of the business value or integrations were not done because lack of business case. We felt that something has to be done. And we did. Now, years later, we have a solution that heals the integration headache and enables the impossible. It’s an universal integration solution that has already helped many organisations get rid of waste and crappy integrations. For them, integrations are really creating business value. We are still in the very beginning disrupting the integrations space and accelerating digitalisation, but the saga continues…

We had enough!

It all started from ITSM. 20 years in IT, helping customers to implement different tools and processes (including ITIL®), integrating suppliers and helping them to work closer with their customers. We’ve developed ITSM software, provided consulting and even supported with sales and marketing.

But in 2011 we had enough! We had enough of technology heavy, low-value, complex and slow integration projects. Although, those were quite good business for us at the time!

How hard can it be?

We saw that hidden within IT Service Management and process integration was ​a problem. A problem which affected the whole market. And so we thought “there must be better way?”. We thought this because all current solutions were more or less focusing on solving the problem on a technological level were designed for developers, not for businesses.

At the same time market trends ​were​ driving towards modern multi-sourcing and frameworks like Service Integration and Management (SIAM) and digital transformation.

The solution

To solve these problems in the market place we developed Service-Flow SaaS, which has now re-branded as ‘ONEiO – Global Integration Hub’. The first vertical solution will be ONEiO for Service Management, which combines our vast experience of tools, processes, people and integrations.

It is an all-inclusive integration solution for businesses, solving the universal problem of adaptation and process inter-operability in a non-standard world of service and process integrations. It is not just ITSM any more, it's much more!
Passion enables impossible
We are continuously looking for passionate disruptors to join our team.

ONEiO founders are passionate disrupters and visionary doers

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